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Distributor business of simulators of driving, aviation and roller coaster

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Simulador de competición con gafas 3D

Driving simulators

We have unique simulators on national level , with a great visual impact for the viewer and offering an excellent experience to the pilot, who can be adapted to all ages and driving levels. Its foremost use is in fairs, events, performances, team working, etc


We offer a service that includes a Premium material, comprehensive product customization and a personalized service both in the hiring and in the event itself.

The client should be not concerned about anything, just enjoy the amazing activities that we prepare and choose according to the concept that is raised.

We collaborate with companies in the sector for the creation and management of projects, distribution of simulators products in leisure centers and marketing products in virtual reality.

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We collaborate with companies in the sector for the distribution of products of simracing, creation and management of projects, leisure centers and VR marketing products.


Hi-Speed attends national and international events.

The place is not a problem. We move our equipment to any part of Europe as well as we make the transport, the assembly of the stand, we give service in the event and finish with the disassembly, that’s what we call a turnkey service.

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multitud de personas asisten a un evento de simuladores

Sistema de suspensiones para emular el movimiento real

Fiesta Heineken
Restaurant Bestial, Barcelona

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Sistema de suspensiones para emular el movimiento real

Motor Show Billionaires

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Simulador en el festival de Birmingham

Electric GT
UK, Birmingham

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interior stand en Montmeló

RallyCross 2017
Catalunya, Montmeló

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Corners for restaurants, leisure centers and hotels

Do you want to revitalize an area?

Do you believe in this business model and would like to implement a simulation center in your city?

Hi-Speed will guide you for the purpose of make this business as profitable as possible based on the place, thus recovering your investment quickly and being able to obtain benefits in less than 1 year!

Get in touch with our advisors, financiers and technical team.


Choose the rental time, personalize the products and enjoy the services we offer.

Transport and shift to any municipality of your country and the main European cities.

We offer a service of assembly, maintenance and tuning up of the simulators, as well as a technical team with the required experience to customize the preferences of the simulators at user level to guarantee a totally satisfactory experience.

Contact us to let us know the distance of your event, number of days and services or extras with the purpose that we can send you a custom budget.

Joven pilotando simulador con gafas VR

Championship 1 VS 1

If your intention is to rent more than one unit, we can hold championships interconnecting the simulators so that the customers / participants can compete with each other.

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Imagen de simulador personalizada

Branding 3D

We can label and customize our simulators as well as vehicles and most of the advertising elements inside the video game with the corporate image of your company.

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The rental of all products includes:

Simulator Structure + a 43” Screen + Gaming Computer + Software + Pedals + Steering Wheel + Assembly/Disassembly.


Distribution of exclusive products

We like to be special as well as our products.

Hi-Speed chooses to import exclusive products never seen before nationally, with an amazing performance and a spectacular attraction, our products stand out and offer an excellent quality / price.


  • Basic and foldable cockpit
  • 43" one-screen visual system
  • Steering wheel and pedals Thrustmaster
  • Sequential change by cams
  • Option (VR) Virtual Reality


Basic, economic and easy-to-install simulator in reduced spaces or for high volume rental, with Thrustmaster controls, Gaming PC and 5.1 headset included.

The hardware is prepared and is compatible with virtual reality glasses to reach a full immersion and make this experience unique.

The simulator can emulate multiple disciplines: Street cars, Rally and Gran Turismo.

Imagen de catálogo de simulador


  • Real motorbike chassis with dynamic movement
  • 43” one-screen visual system
  • Adjustable tilt (maximum of 60º)
  • Real racing motorbikes commands
  • Sequential change with lever and hydraulic brake
  • Option (VR) Virtual Reality


MotoGP simulator with braking, acceleration, folding and skidding system, available in different modes for novices and experts.

Possibility to feel a real experience of a competition pilot in virtual reality, ideal for commercial actions with great visual impact and with a unique simulator.

Imagen de catálogo de simulador


  • Cockpit of GT or F1 without motion (possibility of adding a motion platform 2DOF and 4DOF)
  • Visual system of 1 or 3 screens of 43”
  • Pro Gaming Steering Wheel and pedals
  • Sequential change by cams and H
  • (VR) Virtual Reality options


Simulation Cockpits for Gran Turismo or Formula 1 with support for 1 or 3 47" screens with PRO Thrustmaster controls, Gaming PC included.

It is possible to add several extras such as movement in 2DOF and 4DOF, the hardware is prepared and is compatible with virtual reality glasses to achieve a total immersion and make this experience unique.

The simulator can emulate multiple disciplines: Street cars, Rally, Gran Turismo or F1.

Imagen de catálogo de simulador Imagen de catálogo de simulador


  • Motion system with 4 axes of movement
  • Steering wheel and pedals PRO
  • Forces greater than 2G
  • 27" three-screen visual system
  • Sequential manual gear shift and by cams
  • Option (VR) Virtual Reality
  • Available for: Rally, GT, F1, Roller Coaster and Aviation


Extreme simulator with 4 mobile axes, able to exert forces greater than 2G, all the commands and systems are professional and of high performance, steering wheel to transmit to the pilot the acceleration, braking, weight transfer and loss of traction of vehicle that manage to simulate the pilot's thrust in the curves with sophisticated movements through electric shock absorbers.

To improve the experience the simulator is compatible with virtual reality glasses that achieve a total immersion and make this experience unique.

Imagen de catálogo de simulador


Come and try our simulators in Gavá (Barcelona)

We offer our clients the possibility to race and enjoy an aperitif, snack or dinner in this Gastro Bar called JellyFish located in the beach of Gavà Mar where you can also make team tournaments and enjoy our products and virtual reality experiences.> See map

Interior Lobster Burguer restaurant
Publicidad promocional Promoción restaurante y simulador



c. dels Tellinaires 47, 08850 Gavà, Barcelona

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You can contact us using the following form.

We are located a few meters from the beach, specifically at the Beach Club JellyFish